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S.D. Branitz: music


(seth davis)
April 7, 2010
written & performed by seth davis

Calicos and urgent breezes

Hell to pay for soft diseases

You’re a mess and (bit) I’m no jesus kim


Kerosene and cold tomorrows

Running out of bails to borrow

Still afraid to own my sorrow kim


If I got something on you  I got nothing today

If I got something on you  I got nothing to say

If I got nothin on you

I got nothing at all

I’m still here waiting for you call

(and when I listen to that sweet bird blow I almost feel your broken smile

Well them bells of hurt been tolling for awhile)


Burning like a 3 alarmer

Can catch a fly but cannot harm her

 (a simple) case of misspent karma kim


Velvet dreams and pillows sleeping

Careful clones and Willows weeping

Borrowed scars are for the keeping kim

 vagabonds & vacant heros

kerowak & laura nyros
& god's disguise is something sheer, oh kim