_ - Original Singer & Songwriter

Seth David Branitz has recorded and performed as Seth Davis since 1987.  
He started doing open mics in Greenwich Village and busking in Washington
Square Park and then playing cafés and bars as a solo act.  When a 4track
work tape got in the hands of attorney Ron Beinstock (music attorney for
Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen) in 1990, he got a message on his
machine.  They met in at the attorney/promoters Manhattan studio and was
given the key so he could keep on recording with promise of a development
deal.  Davis fell into one of a string of depressions, never called back
and hence declined a rather fabulous opportunity.    However, he wrote
constantly and recorded a few demo collections and then three records all
over a span of almost 20 years.  He stopped using drugs, cooked vegetarian
food and then taught cooking classes to pay the rent, but wrote, recorded
and played a lot around NYC and traveled to the west coast, Ireland, and
England where he busked in the subways for food money.   He found his
sweetheart and lived at the sea then lost his only brother, his mother and
father father all within a few months of 9/11.  His sweetheart and he had
2 sons, moved to upstate New York and opened a small vegetarian cafe in a
college town.  Over the past few year or so he wrote around 50 of his best
songs and travelled to Athens, Ga. to work with producer Jim White.  (He'd
played bass with Jim's first band when he was first signed to David Byrnes
record label, Luaka Bop.).
Always operating from an urgency to fulfill his creative destiny, to get
his work out in a big way as soon as possible, yearning and trying and
falling flat and getting back up. On this excellent fourth record, shedding his pseudonym,  
Seth becomes Seth David Branitz and is calling
this record "Life is Long".   It features collaborations with Simone
Felice (the Felice Brothers, the Duke and the Earl), Rhett Miller (the Old
97's) and Jim White.
"It's not just the voice. It's the casual precision, the arc of melody,
the weight of lyric....relentlessly groovy". Chronogram April 2013.