Produce your own House Concert

A few of my best gigs were House Concerts.  A teeny tudor in Valley Stream.  A rainy backyard in Annapolis.  Looking off a cliff in Sonoma County.

Planned and spontaneous community performances are part of human history, and they're a superior way to connect with artists (how often do we get to hang with the players at concerts we attend?), simplify (conventional concert or club tickets can run $30 on up to hundreds, while house concerts usually cost just a few bucks) and to enjoy a great show with friends and family?

All you need is a living room (or backyard or basement) and some friends who would love an unforgettable evening of live music only for them. It involves getting together 20 or so people (can be more) who are willing to throw in $15 or $20 toward the cause and in return they get a whole evening of original acoustic music in it's purest and most intimate form.

Just email me and let's see if we can put something together.




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