Elegy for Rachael

I'm sad that I won't see Rachael anymore but fortunate to have had her to call a friend. I talked with her about why maybe ritual and religion was NOT so important, and she told me why maybe it was.…


Thinking of Dad

Today is my fathers birthday.
He was born in a bathtub on Houston Street, named Henry, and since all the Lower East Side kids of his generation had Yiddish or Hebrew (or some combination of the two) nicknames, he became…


I Believe


screwed in the menorah bulbs to let the neighbors know

That we were special in a coupla ways and maybe even
Chosen to be solemn, saved or something. Daddy never did explain
And never did no jewish things and…



The next to last time I saw my brother was on august 1, 2001.  Jenn and I were in the middle of a move and our new apartment in shambles, he’d left tons of lugging to us and  disappeared (as…


62 Impala

(The car in this completely true story was recently featured in a song which appears on my upcoming record, "Life is Long".  In the song, I change the car to another of my brothers lemons....a Green Rambler.)


I was 19…


9/11: 9 years after

The views from the kitchen window of the 5th floor apartment I grew up in in Queens were often spectacular.  Polluted pink and orange sunsets over Manhattan and the steady flow of nighttime air traffic to JFK and La…


The Ghost of Sean Lennon

I question bringing this up, but I keep thinking about it.  


Sometimes when I meet a celebrity or a hotshot I experience this confusing mix of awe and compassion and  sameness and  frustration and pride and envy.

Going to hear…


love is a verb

Love is a verb.  It’s something you do. Writing a song that begins with those 2 lines...coming soon.    I desire more love in the world.  In my world.  In yours.  It’s a remedy I have seen heal profound hurts.  It…


My step grandmother and the gassy mutt called Ollie.

On the couch with Oliver who’s beneath my feet, stretched out like he’s waiting for his next trick, I hear farts.  I smell farts.  Very clear.  Loud.  Forget the smell….not going there.  But it brings me back to a very…



Should start with today, then will move about…4/24 marks the anniversary of the day my mom died.  She was the one diagnosed with a terminal illness, but who outlived my dad by 12 days & my brother by 8 months…