love is a verb

Love is a verb.  It’s something you do. Writing a song that begins with those 2 lines...coming soon.    I desire more love in the world.  In my world.  In yours.  It’s a remedy I have seen heal profound hurts.  It grows dreams.  It makes it seem OK.  Who can’t use a little.  You might not want to accept it for whatever reason.  You’re wounded or cool or skeptical or weird.  You hate men or women or Jews or Arabs or political party or style of music.  Or you hate yourself.  Bingo.  But then that person smiles at you.  Or that puppy runs toward you.  Or Al Green sings that song for you.   Don’t deny it.  The word is nice.  But it doesn’t DO anything.  We do it.  When we love.   So I know this.  Therefore when I say nothing to make it better, when I fail to listen well, when I don’t notice the niceness before me, when I contemplate my retort, when I fantasize about kicking someone’s ass (super hero style), or anytime I play it cool, I’m keeping my love hid.  I need practice.   I need cooperation.  So do you.  Don’t you?  Well I definitely do.  Love is a verb.  It’s something you do.

Just saying.

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