Prettier Than Blue

Seth Davis: Prettier Than Blue

"I'm not obsessive by nature, but am enamoured with the words that Seth Davis sings on this cd. 10 listens in, I hear new stuff constantly & it's all! Thank you to the cure fan who posted this artist on the u.k. forum & than you Seth Davis for your work. Come to washington & you'll have a fan in the audience, guaranteed."

-Stu Duffy

"Truly MAGNIFICENT!!! Lyrical masterpiece! Takes you through the good and bad,... and fills you and leaves you with love! Great from beginning to end... a definite MUST HAVE! Thank you Seth Davis!"

-Manpreet Singh

15 original songs born of survival in desperate times and dark inspiration, and a new-folky take on "Friday I'm In Love" by The Cure.

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Happens to be a nice lad named Seth Davis on CD Baby. Only thing is he's not me & I'm not him. To date, I have released "Without Annette" and "Prettier Than Blue". Everything else should be endevoured at your own risk.

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Without Anntte

Seth Davis: Without Annette

First full length CD took way to long to make and on the heels of it's release and a plan to market regionally (indie-style) I severely distracted by life & though some public radio spins followed it barely reached anyone outside of my gig circuit. This has changed recentl, thanks to Facebook, nice songs, full harmonies, violin and a pussycat.

I hope you enjoy it.  If you purchase a CD let me know who you are and if you would want to book a show in a me to play a venue, town event, bar or at your home.

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I Belive!

This song covers the contradictions I grew up have tried to outgrow surrounding being Jewish and having no real religious background. I saw it as a liability & shunned religion and my own heritage, nevertheless developing a relationship with "god", as i understand her/him. One point of the song is that we aught to believe what we need to believe, let that empower us, & leave everyone else alone to do the same. The other is how important to believe SOMETHING good and to stand up for it. Some do this thru religion, & now I'm o.k. with that. Thru the enthusiasm of some sparking neighbors & my very enthusiastic 7 year old son, i'm even beginning to learn some Jewish things. It's all pretty cool. 


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Morning Songs

Originally entitled "Mourning Songs", my friend Matt mistakenly typed "Morning Songs" when showing me some artwork mock ups.  The sentiment stuck and we had a new title.   These are stories where I examine some tough times in my life, make peace with the realities that sometimes life sucks, and the healing that follows.  We don't have to have it all worked out to be ok.  We don't have to avoid storms to keep our eyes dry.  Life is a balancing act with a moment of strife, a week of bliss, a lifetime of change.

A few of these tracks were played in decent rotation on some triple A stations around the US, especially track number 2, entitled Coming Home.

i hope you'll get Morning Songs, and that if you do you'll let me know how you like it.



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